The snow storage of Joensuu Region Cooled Ski Track Ltd is waiting for the next ski season opening. Track will open October 12th 2018 on the 2,2 km loop on easy terrain with two parallel trails for classic skiing side by side, the wide enough space for skating, which guarantees enjoyable skiing possibilities for fitness skiers as well as for active athletes. This system proved to suit track users pretty well.

The massive snow storage ensures guaranteed skiing conditions in all possible circumstances. The track will be extended to uphill/downhill courses after mid-October. Then the course length will reach 5 km with the easy 3 km part.

There is snow in two storages. The upper storage amounts to 23 300 m³ and lower storage to 21 000 m³. The height of piled snow in both storages is 10 meters. The upper storage area is 3 991 m² with the mantle of 4 806 m². The lower storage area is 3 626 m² with the mantle of 4 800 m². In other words the total area of the two storages is 0,76 hectares and that of the mantles 0,88 hectares. Snow piles are covered with a 40 – 50 cm sawdust layer totaling in almost 4 000 m³ of sawdust. The sawdust supplies were filled up with 1 500 m³ of new sawdust, the rest remained from previous years.

Competition season will be opened by Kontiolahti Ski mass ski event for the third time with classic skiing on November 3rd and free style skiing on November 4th.

Further information: Joensuu Region Cooled Ski Track Ltd General Manager Esa Haapala, tel. +358 400 678 370 and Development Manager Jarno Lautamatti, tel. +358 43 218 0573.



Season 2017

Ready for the season 2017 with a snow storage of 37000 m3 (12.5.2017)

Ski season at Kontiolahti Biathlon Stadium will start on Thursday 12.10.2017. On an opening day there is 2,2 km ski track and track will be extended in the end of October/beginning of November to 3-4 km. This track will include also the famous Wall uphill. There is 37000m3 snow storage for upcoming season that will guarantee good skiing conditions.

Track offers excellent possibilities for training camps both cross-country and biathlon teams. During the pre-season there will be International Biathlon Grand Prix 11.-12.11. and Cross-Country FIS Competition 25.-26.11.

More information:
Esa Haapala, General Manager
GSM +358 400 678 370,

Jarno Lautamatti, Development Manager
GSM +358 43 218 0573,